– how to update accounts receivable faster?

BabelBank can automatically reconcile between 70 and 95 percent of your incoming payments. Accounts receivable and General ledger will be updated correctly, and much faster that you do manually.


Manual work? No thanks!

BabelBank ensures an efficient and safe handling of your incoming payments. Forget about documenthandling and timeconsuming search for information. When you are importing files into BabelBank, the job is done!

What can BabelBank do for you?

Together we will discuss your requirements to be able to provide you with a tailored solution for handling of incoming payments. BabelBank is a flexible program with lots of opportunities. The program can import most bankformats, update payers accountnumbers from the bankfiles, reconcile, split files, etc.!

How does BabelBank work?

BabelBank imports and structures incoming payments from files, like Camt.054C, MT940 or CREMUL-files. BabelBank finds information from the paymentfiles, and match the payments to invoices in accounts receivable. This way you can post to your ledger quickly by using BabelBank’s automatic updatingprocess. When the automatic matching is complete, you can use the “manual matching” functionality in BabelBank to easily process the more complicated payments. Finally, BabelBank will produce the desired reports, to print or files.

“BabelBank saves us a lot of time, and the support is fantastic !”

Dan Isak Olsen / Vegfinans

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