Automate the outgoing paymentsprocess

– Remittance with a click!

Do you find remittance occupying too much of your time? BabelBank ensures a safer, faster and simpler remittanceprocess. Start using BabelBank today to experience more comfortable paymentprocedures.


Remittance without errors?

Prepare the outgoing payments in a fileformat suitable for you. Let BabelBank do the rest! BabelBank will merge the payments into one common file which you can upload to the bank. The file can hold 3 payments or 3000. What’s important is that you can pay without errors with an easy, fast and secure solution capable of handling high payment volumes. BabelBank can convert returnfiles from the banks, and update your ledgers with the correct status for each singel payment. Included in the program is reporting and browsing of paymentinformasjon. This way you can take full control. This is a safe solution which can be run as often as you like.




Payments in several countries

Do you have to create different fileformats? Working with an accountingprogram unable to process to required paymentformats?

Remittance in several countries or with different banks gives you a challenge with reading and writing a number of fileformats. BabelBank is your solution to handle this. The program converts your files into the appropriate format, giving you an automated paymentsolution.

Extract data from files, databases or spreadsheets

BabelBank finds paymentdata directly from files, databases or spreadsheets. To create a paymentfil, the minimum required data can be amount and receivers accountnumber. Some examples are dividend payments, repayments, etc.


Using BabelBank, you are able to create paymentfiles for merging clients into one common file which can be sent to your bank. Aggregate returnfiles from the bank can be split into files for each client. This clientsolution can be used both for outgoing and incoming payments.


“Visual Banking delivers flexible solutions, on time and to the agreed price…”

Kjell Christian Martinsen / DNB

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