• Post all types of incoming payments automatically
  • Formats your payments to the bank’s requirements
  • Processes paymentfiles for many banks in a number of countries
  • Merges and splits outgoing paymentfiles
  • Splits incoming paymentfiles
  • Updates payers accountnumber in your databases
  • Produces comprehensible reports
  • Formatexamples: Telepay, ISO20022, Cremul, OCR, Paymul, BACS

Telepay to XML (ISO20022)

The banks will stop supporting the Telepay format. BabelBank can convert from Telepay to Pain.001 (ISO20022), and return files (Camt.054 og Pain.002) back to Telepay. This way you do not need to make any changes in your ERP system.

Excel to XML (ISO20022)

In the same way  BabelBank can also convert Excelfiles with payment instructions into XML-files, so that you won’t have to manually register payment in the online bank, which both saves time and reduces the risk of errors.